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Simple Excel Calendar Template

now version´╝Ü2023-2027

This is an Excel calendar template with a simple design. Feel free to download it for free. Of course, since it is an Excel file, you can freely fill in, copy and paste, and adjust the layout to your liking. There are four types of calendars: Sunday Start, Monday Start, Year Planner, and Monthly Planner.

Monday start
Year planner
Monthly planner


2023-01-01 Release 2027 calendar
2022-07-05 Release 2023-2026 calendars
2021-01-11 Release 2021 and 2022 calendars



Standard, simple, and minimalist design.
The color of the letters is red on Sundays.
There are two types: starting on Sunday and starting on Monday.
There is always one date per square.
It is made by automatic program generation, not manually.

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