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I am running a web design business called Web Studio Arachne in Japan. Each year, I create and publish an original PDF calendar, but this time we also created a calendar in Excel.
Based on the PDF calendar's design, this is an Excel template. Since it is an Excel file, it goes without saying that you can take advantage of the format by freely entering data, copying and pasting, and adjusting the layout. Please use it in any way you see fit.



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The PDF calendar that this Excel calendar is based on can be found on this page.

Simple Printable PDF Calendar

More details can be found at this link, but on a simple calendar created using PDF, various calendar types are available, including ones that start on Mondays or Sundays as well as annual calendars. Also, through the layer function of the PDF format, it is possible to freely customize the elements that will be displayed. This is together in the same place, so please use it.


This PDF calendar may be used by anyone without limit and is of course free of charge.
However, if you find it useful and would like to make a small donation, I am accepting voluntary donations via my PayPal account and would be very grateful for your support.

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  • Anyone may freely download and use this calendar. However, copyright is not disclaimed.
  • Any commercial use or redistribution of this calendar is prohibited.
  • You may freely link to this site or this page (however, please refrain from linking directly to the PDF itself).
  • Although I have taken great care in producing this calendar, should you discover any mistakes please alert me via email. Please understand that I cannot be held liable in any way for damages resulting from inaccuracies in this calendar.