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Simple PDF Calendar

now version´╝Ü2023

Monday start: standard colors
Year planner: standard colors
I am running a web design business called Web Studio Arachne in Japan. Each year I produce a PDF calendar and offer it to the public. As I could not find any calendar which is simple, functional and easy-to-use, I have decided to design one myself. The calendar can be customized to print in different ways, such as beginning with Monday, beginning with Sunday or showing the entire year on one page. Please feel free to download it and use it however you wish. I hope you like it.


2022-09-14 Release 2023 calendars
2021-11-14 Release 2022 calendars
2020-10-04 Release 2021 calendars
2019-08-30 Release 2020 calendars



Standard, simple, and minimalist design.
The color of the letters is red on Sundays.
There are two types: starting on Sunday and starting on Monday.
There is always one date per square.
Various customizable printing options are available, such as font size, mini calendars, etc.
A year planner type is also available.


This calendar can be printed out as it is, but you can also use the layer function of Adobe Acrobat Reader to select and display the elements to be printed. You can switch the elements to be displayed by turning on/off the eye symbol in the figure. However, Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6 or higher is required. This function is not available when viewing PDF files with a browser. Please download the file and open it with Acrobat Reader.

Customizable items

For each of the following items, you can turn the display on and off for printing.

  • Darker/lighter text color and ruled line color
  • Date of the previous and next month
  • Size of the date numbers
  • week number*
  • Mini calendars for the previous and next months
*About the week number
Monday start:
-This is a European-style week number and the ISO8601 standard. The week that includes January 4 is the first week.
Sunday start:
-This is the week number for the American system. This style is mainly used in other countries such as Australia and Canada. The week that includes January 1 is the first week.


Q:When I view the PDF, it looks fine, but when I print it, the text is overlapping.

A:Isn't that a screen like this ?

This is the screenshot of the print preview in the chrome browser on window10.
When you click on the link of the PDF file, the PDF is displayed in the browser, but this is the screen displayed using the PDF display function of the browser.
However, this calendar uses the layer function of Adobe Acrobat Reader to switch the displayed content, so even though it looks good on the screen, the text overlaps when printed.

1) Install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC.
2) Download the calendar PDF file.
3) Open and print the downloaded PDF file from Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please follow the steps above to print the file.
Adobe Acrobat Reader Download

Other Calendars

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